Thursday Games

Thursday Games Day gives members the opportunity to come along and play any game they wish; from carpet bowls to darts, snooker to poker, scrabble to mahjong. See the complete list of games that the club has available at the bottom of this page.

Card games like 500 and Frustration are popular as is mahjong. There are also occasional games of bowls and snooker.

In order that members who want to play other games are not disappointed, they should arrange with other members who are interested in the same games to form a group to attend on Thursdays. Even members who play games or have other social groups outside the club (craft, knitting etc) can invite their friends to visit the club three times for free before they have to join the club and pay their fees. Members could even bring their own games to play with friends.

The initiative is totally up to yourself with endless possibilities. Let’s give it a go and have some fun!

These are the games currently at the club:


Chess Teacher



Double-nine Dominoes





Chinese Checkers


Phase 10 cards – rummy type

Cards - various decks including "500"



Ploy – strategy game

Snooker on our three-quarter size table

Table Top Pool

Carpet Bowls


Aussie Trivia Challenge

Image Trivia Game

Link Words

Anomia – general knowledge, CLICK to find out more.


Bingo - Lotto - Housie

Tiddly Winks

101 Games