Lockdown Messages

From Anne Noake (10/9/21)

Greetings to all,

There is not much news to relate from our neck of the woods of course. I hope you are all managing all right. Alastair, I also am a jigsaw tragic and purchased a jumbo size jigsaw board with the four drawers underneath for the pieces and am well and truly hooked - have just finished a Ken Duncan panograph of an Aussie pub which was quite a challenge but all good fun. Last week we gave up trying to contain our ever-lengthening locks and purchased a hair clipper set (online of course!) but there is backlog on deliveries and we are hanging out every day for it to arrive. Meanwhile I have resorted to using a bobby pin which I found when cleaning out yet another drawer.

I agree with you Jenny about the value of living in a retirement village. There is always someone around to talk to when we go for a walk through our village and yonder and we do not feel at all isolated. I asked one of the single ladies here who she had organised to have as her 'buddy' and she said that she didn't need one because she had all of us.

It seems so long since we have been to the Seniors Club - hopefully we can all meet up there again soon.

Regards from Anne.

From Alastair and Jenny Osborn (6/9/21)

Hello Everyone.

We have been wondering how you all are doing in lockdown. We have always loved living in our retirement village. Everyone is friendly and it has really suited us. Now it is coming into its own. We have extensive grounds with a very small rough and ready golf course and leading on to a National Park so we can have a good walk in the National Park or round our complex meeting people as we go and catching up on everyone's news (not that there is much at the moment!). I walk every day, sometimes on my own, sometimes with Alastair when I can drag him away from his jigsaws (which can be a really difficult process) or I walk with a friend. That has an added bonus; not only is it exercise but we never run out of things to say!

We were really ambitious at the start of lockdown and painted our entire unit and we are very pleased with the result. We then went on to more mundane things but they have kept us occupied and we have ended up with every cupboard being cleaned and tidied and feeling very virtuous. Now we have more pleasurable tasks such as looking through photos both on albums and also on the computer, bringing back so many wonderful memories of our families and friends.

Hopefully lockdown doesn't last too much longer. Until then we are hoping that after September 13 we will be able to see both our families albeit in bits and pieces as there are 5 members in each. The next target will be getting a very overdue hair cut which is very necessary. A friend didn't recognise me in the supermarket because she said my hair was so long (a polite way of saying it looked dreadful). Then let's hope the Seniors Club can get together again.

Best wishes to you all

Alastair and Jenny

From Gloria and John Alton (31/8/21)

As suggested Gloria & I would like to tell all fellow CHSCC Members some of the exciting things going on in our household.

1. We have seen our camellias grow.

2. We have seen all of our plants & trees grow.

3. Seriously though, Gloria has been trying out new Chinese recipes, with good results.

4. I have done some painting with the BBQ table & chairs looking much better.

5. We had a lounge chair pass away from wrinkles. Gloria wants to buy me one of those ejector chairs which lifts you from the sleeping position to bolt upright in no time at all. We will have to think about this.

6. I have been reading a lot about WW2 on the Ipad. It’s quite revealing when you compare the facts with what really happened. This applies to many campaigns.

7. We are listening to our favourite music & if you are interested I suggest you look up on YouTube on one of many sites, American DJ’s listening for the first time Luciano Pavarotti singing Nessun Dorma. Their reaction is something to see.

8. Finally, our Grandson Nicholas had a good run at the Olympic Games. He came 3rd in his heat run of the 110m hurdles. Unfortunately due to a slight niggle in his calf muscle, in the semi he hit a number of hurdles & didn’t progress. He had 2 weeks in a Brisbane Hotel, but is home now.

Hope all are keeping well.

Gloria & John.

From Peter Ivanov (13/8/21)

Hello fellow lock-downers! How can we abbreviate that - Lockers, Downers, Lockies, Downies, I know!!! Loners!!!

It seems that the "National Crime Authority" has me in their sights. They rang 3 times on Wednesday to tell me that there was suspicious activity on my bank account and that my "income tax identification number has been suspended"! Sweet, no more taxes!

I was just about to rush to my desktop computer to check up on this calamitous situation when the "National Broadband Network" rang to tell me that they were going to disconnect my NBN! Oh woe is me, no taxes and no internet. But it seems that it was all a big mistake because I still have money and an internet connection.

The potting mix for our Vegepod arrived and has now been loaded in ready for planting. 9 bags is a lot of mix to break up and spread around. We have seeds for all sorts of herbs and veggies. Once its all growing it will be downright dangerous to walk past the Vegepod for fear of being hit by surplus tomatoes, carrots, shallots, basil, thyme etc all bursting out of the 1m x 1m confines.

We ordered an battery massager (because we could) and its great fun making Dalek voices to people on phone/skype/whatsapp calls. "EXTERMINATE!!!"

I took all the windows out in the family room and replaced/repaired the rollers, cleaned the tracks, cleaned the screens, cleaned the windows and put them all back together again. Makes me tired just saying it.

Been cooking again. Lyn said that I made the best quiche I have ever made (and I have made a few) yesterday. Onion, asparagus, cheese and bacon. It was quite good with that bottle of shiraz.

We await delivery of a new electric kettle which we ordered today. Our old one wont stay closed and boils all over the place and is not designed to be repaired by retired electrical engineers like me.

Peter and Lyn

From Peter Ivanov (31/7/21)

I cleaned the oven today! Woohoo, high point of the week. You can see through the door again. I will try to fix Lyn's "light-up mirror" tomorrow and finish trans-coding some video files.

I have found the Olympics to be very frustrating, because you can never know exactly what will be on and when. It is so "pot luck". I watch my Youtube channels instead.

I am going to bed late and getting up late, but Lyn has been getting up early. Then we gather round for the Gladys and Kerry fireside chat at 11am. Its becoming increasingly depressing.

My new reciprocating saw works well as some pruned trees can attest.

We have ventured out as a couple in the car once, but we went to different shops when we got there so we appear to be single shoppers.

Aliexpress says my drone batteries have arrived in the country but delivery is still a weeks away. It seems it is a slow trip from China.

Lyn just said we are going for a walk tomorrow as it will be nice and warm(ish). I am all for that. We have started doing jumbo crosswords and puzzles. Golly life is at a low ebb isn't it!

Peter and Lyn

From Peter Ivanov (13/7/21)

So, what have I / we done.

Installed Chrome OS on my old Apple Macbook Pro 5,5. Its a bit of a stripped down system but much faster than the real Apple OS or any Linux systems. Won't mean much to you but it was fun to try it out. And speaking of technology, Hyundai Motor Group has bought Boston Dynamics (the robot people) and put out this video to celebrate https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7atZfX85nd4

We moved the Bromeliads back under cover because that very cold night we had gave them frost bite.

Cleaned up the back yard, re-potted some plants, swept up all the leaves on the back patio and spent some hours pulling out weeds from the lawn and garden.

Made a table/shelving for the garden shed and that allowed me to clean my garage (AGAIN - that is three times now) and mount my little vice on the bench. While I was at it I sprayed for cockroaches and spiders, took the covers off the ramps and cleaned under them too. Two large bins of rubbish and it looks good now. Next project is to convert a LED fluro light to a hand held lead light that I can plug into the power outlet in the garden shed.

My AA and AAA rechargeable batteries arrived and I used them to refurbish our solar garden lights. We have pretty twinkles at night again. My drone batteries are still on their way from China should get here next week.

F1 racing continues with Alexander. I let him win a few times just to keep him happy. Its hard with my competitive nature. I have reached the Martian surface playing DOOM.

A few years ago (1985) I interviewed quite a well known Professor who was central to teaching the UNIX system at UNSW. Reason I mention it is that it seems that all copies of that edition of the magazine (Unix Review), have been lost around the world in the mists of time. Except for my personal copy. So some historians asked me to scan it and send them the copy, which I did.

I have been cooking too. Went a bit Mexican with Tacos. Also made a few nice pizzas. I also bought 6 more lamb shanks and I am going to improve on my last pressure cooked experiment. Looking forward to that! While at the shops I managed to cash in some Master Chef cookware points for a frying pan for my son. I have too many pans so I didn't need it.

Peter and Lyn

From Peter Ivanov (5/7/21)

Well, what have we been doing? We have been binging on some TV series (Bosch, Jack Irish and others). We have been moving pot plants into the sun following Ian Hook's encouragement to give the broms some sun. I have cleaned the garage (again).

I got out my drone and found the LiPo battery has died. I also found that several of the batteries in the solar lights had died too. So I have now indulged in some retail therapy to buy all sorts of new batteries.

I have raced by 6yo grandson numerous times on the F1 racing game. We both have racing steering wheels and pedals at our respective houses and meet up in the interweb for duels around famous race tracks. My favourites are Spa in Belgium and Abu Dhabi. He likes Melbourne.

The 78 YouTube channels that I follow have kept be busy, and my friends from the old days have email chats about all sorts of things.

I cook, because Lyn does not feel like it and I like to cook, and have recently been perfecting my pressure cooker lamb shanks (yum).