28th February 2022: Our Summer lunch was held at the West Pennant Hills Sports Club with the cost subsidised by the our club. Judging by the video a good time was had by all.

1st January 2022: The club will reopen from 3rd January 2022 with some restrictions as detailed on the COVID-19 page.

12th December 2021: Our last week of operation for 2021 will be 13th-17th December. Small "bring-a-plate" celebrations will be held on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday for Rummikub, games and bowls groups respectively. The club will supply beer, wine and soft drinks in moderation. Best wishes to all members and their families for the festive season. Activities will resume 3rd January 2022. See you then!

12th December 2021: Our AGM will be held on Friday 17th December at 2pm at the Club premises, 2 McMullen Avenue Castle Hill.

8th October 2021: The Castle Hill Senior Citizens Club will reopen for activities from the week starting Monday 18th October 2021. All activities will resume on the appropriate days of the week.

The club and all members must abide by the NSW Health rules in place on 18th October and subsequently. This means

  • COVID Safe check-ins and proof of double dose vaccination are required to enter the club.

  • Masks must be worn (but this may change at the next press conference!!)

  • Density limits of 1 person per 4sqm and up to 20 people per activity.

  • Our existing COVID-19 safety plan still applies.

For those members who have not yet paid their membership fees a reminder that your $20 is due next time you come to the club.

26th June 2021: The Castle Hill Senior Citizens Club is now closed until further notice following the lock down announced by the NSW Government. We will re-open as soon as possible.

25th June 2021: Ian Hook, President of the Bromeliad Society of Australia gave a very interesting talk to our members about these very interesting and colourful plants. He even brought in some plants as gifts for his appreciative audience.

20th May 2021: Trivia was great fun on Thursday 20th May. We must thank Carol Lycett for asking the questions, The Hills Daily Grind mobile coffee and The French Kitchen for making the refreshments and all members who assisted in planning, catering, serving, scoring, supplying the prizes and setup of the hall before and after. Everyone said "We must do this again!". We will, later in the year.

31st March 2021: Club activities over Easter. The Club will be closed for the Easter long weekend. All our activities continue to be very well attended and Thursday games day has now offered Mahjong, cards (500), carpet bowls and snooker. Come along and get involved.

20th March 2021: All our activities are being well patronised. Last Friday there were 24 at bowls, Tuesday bowls was followed by our Autumn Lunch at the The Hills Club which was enjoyed by all who attended, Wednesday Rummikub had 20 players, Thursday Games 10 and Friday bowls yesterday 16.

18th March 2021: Thursday Games Day had another good turnout. 5 to 6 people playing Mahjong, 5 playing carpet bowls and then switching to cards. 10 people all having fun.

4th March 2021: Thursday Games Day branched out into Mahjong today. Thanks to visitors Peta and Sally for playing/teaching 6 of our members. A total of 10 people played Mahjong and Snooker.

25th February 2021: Thursday Games Day was attended by 6 members playing scrabble, carpet bowls and snooker. Not bad for the first day. Next week we hope to add mahjong to the mix. The updated library is already proving popular too.

22nd February 2021: Thursday Games Day starts Thursday 25th February 2021. Thursday Games Day will give members the opportunity to come along and play any game they wish; from carpet bowls to darts, snooker to poker, scrabble to mahjong. See the Thursday Games page for details.

6th February 2021: This week has seen very good attendances at all our activities. It seems with the continued zero transmission days more of our members are venturing out. We are hoping to start opening on Thursdays for "Games day" where members can come and play any games they want while meeting their friends. More on this soon.

4th January 2021: See the COVID-19 page for updates relevant to our return to activities from 5th January onward.

17th December 2020: Our Annual General Meeting was held on Thursday 17th December 2020 attended by 18 members and the Mayor of the Hills Shire Council, Dr Michelle Byrne (and the twins). The 20-21 Management Committee is Peter Ivanov (President, Secretary and Public Officer), Helen Strong (Vice-President), Anne Noake (Treasurer), and Daraius Battiwalla, Barbara Beavis, Dorothy Jacques and Marilyn Johnson (ordinary members).

2nd December 2020: See the Activities page for dates when activities will cease and resume over the Christmas - New Year break. We should all thank the activity coordinators for the work they have put into running bowls, Rummikub and cards, especially while sticking to our COVID-19 plan.

6th November 2020: Bowls cancelled today because the car park is being resurfaced. We thank the Hills Council for resurfacing the car park but unfortunately the first we knew it was going to happen was when the machinery moved in. But we all love change in our lives, and 2020 is definitely THE YEAR OF CHANGE so lets enjoy our new car park!

26th October 2020: Christmas Party 2020. We will be holding our Christmas Party on Thursday 10th December at the Glenorie RSL. Last year's party at this venue was a great success and this year will be similar. Please see the sign-up sheet at the Club for full details and to put your name down.

20th October 2020: Extra bowls mat added back into main area. After some rearrangement of furniture in the main area we have been able to put the third bowls mat back into the room while maintaining physical distancing. This will allow us to accommodate more members on Tuesdays and Fridays up to the limits set by NSW Health.

25th August 2020: Club activities continue to be well patronised under COVID-19 restrictions. Bowls today had a full house of 16 and Rummikub has been running with about a dozen players. Cleaning is carried out each day before activities commence and seating is arranged to maintain physical distancing. A few members are wearing masks and if you want to wear a mask then do not feel embarrassed to do so.

July 21st 2020: The resurgence of COVID-19 infections in Victoria and New South Wales is worrying. Normal activities are continuing at the Club but all members are reminded that they should not attend the Club if they have any symptoms of any illness. When members do attend the Club they must wash their hands when entering the club, practice physical distancing and make frequent use of the hand sanitiser provided. Members who wish to wear a mask while at the Club should do so. As the pandemic progresses the Management Committee may have to suspend activities again if required to by NSW Health or if activity coordinators are unwilling to run activities. We all hope this does not occur.

July 5th 2020: All Club activities resumed on 30th June 2020 with good attendances, except for Wednesday cards. Activity coordinators and a few helpers make sure that cleaning is carried out each day and physical distancing is maintained. Members are reminded that yearly fees are now due and have been reduced for the 20/21 full year to $10.

June 20th 2020: All Club activities to resume from 30th June 2020. The Club will resume all activities from June 30th 2020 with restrictions as detailed on the COVID-19 page of this website. The Management Committee will continue to monitor pandemic developments and take action as necessary.

May 25th 2020: Club activities to remain suspended until further notice. Any resumption of activities will depend on changes to the rules and is impossible to predict.

March 21st 2020: Suspension of all activities at the Club. The Club will be suspending all activities until at least 31st May 2020. Members will be informed prior to that date as to whether the Club will resume activities.

March 14th 2020: COVID-19 (Coronavirus). Coronavirus infections are spreading within the community. Some of our members have decided that due to their medical conditions it is safer for them to not attend the Club for the foreseeable future. The federal and all state governments have called for all gatherings of more than 500 people to be cancelled. All members should click on the COVID-19 link at the top of the page to see the Club's current response to the Coronavirus threat. Members may also hear a status message by calling the Club's telephone number (02 9680 3958) and waiting for 30 seconds until the voicemail system answers the call.

March 7th 2020: COVID-19 (Coronavirus). Coronavirus infections are spreading within the community. In NSW the north-west of Sydney has had the largest number of infections reported.

Symptoms of infection include any of fever, cough, runny nose, sore throat, shortness of breath. Coronavirus is more contagious than influenza and although death rates are low across the entire population they are more elevated in the elderly.

I am asking all members who may have been exposed to the virus, or have associated with others who may have been exposed, even if the members themselves are not showing any symptoms, not to visit the Club.

Peter Ivanov, President.

February 29th 2020: COVID-19 (Coronavirus). On the 27th of February 2020 the Prime Minister Scott Morrison said "We believe the risk of global pandemic is very much upon us and as a result, as a government, we need to take the steps necessary to prepare for such a pandemic...". As senior citizens the members of the Castle Hill Senior Citizens Club are in a group more at risk than the general population. We need to take sensible precautions should the virus spread, as it is likely to do.

At this time the virus is not spreading human-to-human in Australia and so we need not take any special precautions.

However, should the virus start to spread in the Australian population I will ask all members who may have been exposed to the virus, or have associated with others who may have been exposed, even if the members themselves are not showing any symptoms, to stay away from the Club.

Should the Government decide to close NSW public facilities like schools, sporting events, cinemas etc then I will close the Club until further notice.

I encourage all members to think of their health and not to take unnecessary risks of possible exposure should the virus start to spread in Australia.

Peter Ivanov, President.

February 28th 2020: Seniors Dance on Monday March 30th 2020 from 11:00am to 3:30pm, Harvey Lowe Pavilion, Castle Hill Showground, Showground Road, Castle Hill. $5.00 per person at the door includes lunch and refreshments. Raffles and Luck Door Prizes. Printed flyers will be available at the club soon but until then here is one to keep you busy.

February 6th 2020: Today our club was presented with a cheque for $1,000 from the Australian Seniors Store in Castle Towers. Our club was part of their Supporting Seniors Promotion from October 2019 to January 2020 which allows visitors to the store to vote for one of two community groups. The group with the largest number of votes receives $1,000 and the other group receives $500. Congratulations to all our members for getting a whopping 275 votes and thanks to Lyn who suggested that we enter the promotion.

January 27th 2020: Our free Australia Day Sausage Sizzle was attended by 38 members who enjoyed sausages, chicken kebabs, salads, bread rolls, pavlova and lamingtons washed down with beer, wine, soft drinks, tea and coffee. Lunch was followed by a thong (flip-flop) tossing competition. The level of noise from conversation was proof it was a good social occasion.

December 9th 2019: Twenty six members attended our Club Christmas Lunch held at the Glenorie RSL Club. Thanks to Tearo and his staff who prepared a great three course lunch which was enjoyed by all and thanks to Helen who prepared the many lucky door prizes.